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Gabon , Saturday 17 March 2018

News Gabon » Ogooue-Lolo: New Gabon mining code in effect by year-end

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Publication date: hursday 10 July 2014

Gabon will soon adopt a new mining code, which will include provisions for the protection of the environment, corporate responsibility, a new ‘investor- friendly’ tax regime, simplified procedures for the granting of exploration permits and the ...

News Gabon » Ogooue-Lolo: Why humans don't suffer from chimpanzee malaria

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Publication date: uesday 09 September 2014

Chimpanzee in Koulamoutou, Ogooué-Lolo Province, Gabon. Credit: Heidi Lançon A genetic region ... Human malaria emerged from the Great Apes, so this comparison using chimpanzee malaria is the closest that scientists have come to a full catalogue of ...

News Gabon » Ogooue-Lolo: Allante Resources Ltd.: Corporate Update

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Publication date: onday 10 March 2014

The title and effective date of the reports are: "Mineral Evaluation, National Instrument Form 43-101F1 Technical Report" dated January 18, 2014 in respect of the Malinga Project, Ngounié, Gabon (the "Malinga Project"); and "Mineral Evaluation ...